"With time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown" - Chinese proverb.

Silk is a fabric for the senses. After so many centuries of usage it's still not lost its mystery. Breathtakingly beautiful, soft, subtle and delicate to even look at, surprisingly resistant in structure, inspiring the freedom of the gesture. I refer this fascinating fabric to the gentlewoman, mythical yet modern, for whom I make my clothes.
This is a collection of the senses. I go from outside to inside, I ask myself how the body lives with the garment; what the garment inspires in the body in terms of sensation, movement and emotion.
It is a cinematographic theme, a sensual play between a summer sunset and the movement of a body in the fading light, in the twilight, in the shadow and by noon. A sensuality which comes from a soft heat in which the body makes a move, extended and redrawn by the movement of a garment.